The Chicken or the Egg

Which came first...the chicken or the egg? Our 3rd grade students will be hatching chicks in about 3 weeks. They calculated the big birthday to be on Thursday, May 18th.

Last week during Science Enrichment, they learned about the egg, the parts of the egg, why one egg end is "dull", why the dull side needs to be up for incubation, where an egg "air sack" is located...and they even learned how to tell if an egg is fresh (just laid).

Their eggs have begun their incubation period, but our scientists have much work ahead...they will be graphing their egg observations and incubation periods and observing the lifecycle – incubation, hatching and growth of their chicks.

Adult volunteer watches as male student touches an egg in an incubator.

Adult volunteer holds a tray of eggs while a female student places an egg onto the tray.

A smiling female student wearing a bright yellow Dolphin T-shirt and red rimmed glasses and adult volunteer standing behind her pose for the camea as the student is placing an egg into the incubator.

Adult volunteer is explaining the composition of an egg to a group of young students surrounding her as a plate sits before her on a table. An opened egg is on the plate.