RPL Reader Cup

SHCS Wins Rowan Public Library's Reader Cup

Looking at gathered crowd not in picture, Mr. Cardelle stands holding award and smiling while femaile anouncer holds microphone.You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book…Dr. Seuss

SUMMER SMART…Sacred Heart Catholic School was awarded the Summer Reading Readers’ Cup Award from the Rowan Public Library on Tuesday, Oct 4th. Jennifer Nicholas, from the Rowan Public Library, presented the trophy to the school during our morning prayer and assembly program. Sacred Heart’s approximately 120 elementary students in Grades 1-5 read over 750 hours during the 2016 Summer Reading Program at the RPL. This is only the 2nd year the Rowan Public Library has given out the Readers’ Cup to a local school for success in the Summer Reading Program.

“Sacred Heart really pushes summer academic enrichment”, says Principal Frank Cardelle. “We like to call it our “Summer Smart” programming. At SHCS, we host several summer camps involving Creative Writing, Lego Robotics, Rocketry, Nature Exploration…even Cooking Classes. We are always supportive of our community’s “Summer Smart” activities and love RPL’s incentive for reading.”

Librarian Lynn Frank could not be more proud. “As a mother of four boys, I truly understand the dynamics of helping children to love to read”, states Mrs. Frank. “That is why we have many reading incentive programs at SHCS. In a world of ever-growing technology, Sacred Heart prides itself on keeping our students focused on the foundational skill that will see them through their entire lives: READING.”

A young boy and girl sit at a desk, smiling.  The boy has a marker in his hand and is drawing a line on a paper.