Day of Caring

Day of Caring - Sensory Garden

A group of three women and three men volunteers stand close to a red brick building and pose for a picture after a hard day's work.Large mounds of red dirt are placed in large earthen areas between plastic covered walkways. Adult workers are in the background.Gravel walkways have been newly uncovered. The red dirt mounds have been leveled.  Black borders line the edges of the light gray walkway, in sharp contrast to the surrounding red dirt.
A class of school children stand posed, spread out on the light gray gravel walkway.

Nature never goes out of style...neither does kindness and gratitude!

It was a very hot day for our United Way Day of Caring volunteers! Thank you from everyone at Sacred Heart. We love what our new Sensory Garden will offer our students and the support it gives to our STREAM curriculums.

What is a sensory garden? A sensory garden is a garden environment that is designed with the purpose of stimulating the senses. This stimulation occurs courtesy of plants and the use of materials that engage one’s senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound. Sensory gardens provide intimate spaces where students can be immersed in the scents, textures and colors of plants and related elements. Along with specially selected plants, sensory gardens may also include elements such as wind chimes, birdhouses, and children’s art.

The hardscape is done - thank you - and now it's time for our students to plant!