September 22, 2016

Adios Mariposa!

Second grade class stand in the school flower garden and pose for a picture.  A girl holds a butterfly basket while standing in front of a marigold plant.Two second graders inspect a butterly in a butter-fly basket. One girl quickly pulls hand back.

Sacred Heart continues to add lessons supporting its STREAM programming (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Agriculture and Mathematics) in all our classrooms. Here is a cute picture of our 2nd grade class - finding their own STREAM lesson outside the classroom and even adding another language - Spanish!!

Adios Mariposa! Goodbye Butterfly! Mrs. Hurysz's 2nd grade class had a wonderful science lesson! The class found a chrysalis on the playground last week during PE. Coach Shadroui helped the students relocate the chrysalis into the butterfly pavillion in their classroom. TA-DA! When they arrived at school today, they discovered a butterfly! The students named it "Mariposa" which means butterfly in Spanish and fed it an orange slice. Then, it was time to say "Adios" and release it back outside into our Master Garden. Learning the life cycle of the butterfly right in our own school backyard.