September 8, 2016

SHCS Playground Dedication

Pastor Father John holds a microphone while he addresses a gathering. A young man assistant holds a book for Father John to read from.  Sister Elizabeth looks on smiling.Seven years ago when we moved from our old campus to our new campus, we had an enormous building campaign along with a huge capital campaign. Our campus wish list had to be shortened to accommodate our budget restraints. Unfortunately, our outdoor learning and play environment dreams had to be scaled back and we transported our "very used" playground set from our old campus to our new campus. Our Fund A Need last year focused on a beautiful new playground with monkey bars, slides and swings...all engineered to meet 2016 CPSC and ASTM guidelines and certifications.

Three years ago, we began a Fund A Need Campaign for our Flag Pole Park (another part of the original building plan that had to be removed because of budget limits) and raised close to $30,000. Two years ago, we took on "Finishing the Parking Lot" and raised $70,000 to finish paving our parking lot. Last year, during our Benefit Auction 2016 event on Saturday, April 25th, we RAISED $42,226 for our new playground and then received almost $7,000 in additional funding to make our 2016 Fund A Need a big success!

THE PARISH, THE SCHOOL, ALL FRIENDS & FAMILY! A group of girls, dressed in school cheerleadning clothes,  pose for a picture while standing on top of a blue triple sliding board.

Last Friday evening, we had our "Playground Dedication Ceremony". Father John Eckert, parents and students were all a part. There could not have been more smiles, laughter and most of all - gratitude! Thank you AGAIN and AGAIN for those who supported our Fund A Need!